Thursday, October 13, 2011

The girl who wards off evil with love

Yawning on the diamond of a crossroad, the most beautiful girl ever
begins her journey cold, outta the fields, in the dark somewhere.
She feels she’s been sanctioned to drive away maniacs here and
there and pull out the love from some graves here and there.
She moves and the weak heads around ask her to go back home
Cause’ these are the voices that fear the black clouds and the rain.

The scarlet hair flows perennial, binding the bad into its way out
and the smooth arms run forward,  who believes loaded with beads.
She meets the piper who lures her into the den, reasoning vile
but my girl whispers her song like a lovebird and the piper pauses.
This was the song called ‘the charm of transformation’, with no words
and with no tune but the piper’s heart turns gold, now with a flute.

Sometimes an evil procures her path here and there, poisoning gems
but the girl with her spells so elegant buries the dead and pulls the love.
She’s afraid a many times, the fair face with a line of trepidation
but then she walks to the aisle taking the heart out, pours some love.
‘Don’t you cry’, putting the souls to rest on the journey of unknown
the girl, young and wise, ships a new dawn into the nights of the world.

The ruby she possesses, right in her glazing neck turns into a venom
somebody somewhere wishes her love to be slaughtered and divided.
The warrior of the love, the beautiful girl longed to be loved lying in cold
and the prophecy stood true- the passage to love shall be winded.
She called for my hands and asked for my lips and I, a devil heart myself
But who says love can’t transform the evil and she is love.


That gentleman's lady said...

The things that love can do continue to surprise me on a daily basis x

Jatin Ganhotra said...

I love the song part "the charm of transformation" with no tune and no words.
But i surely doubt that love(she) is wise, albeit young and beautiful.
IMHO, this is you at your best.