Sunday, October 16, 2011

Riding day and night to somewhere, nowhere

Every place is same, damn identical. Absurd names, paradoxical setting, and cold folks ruminating. Poor reflections though! Nothing is working here, the name undergoes a quick modification, the air remains the same- disgraced.
I want my home away. Away.
If they don’t give me my home, I shall only ride, all the years, all the decades, all the centuries on my own. It will be my journey, my dream to get to my home. I think it’s better than fouling here.
And one day, I shall see the sea of choices submerging into itself and then I will know my place.

There will be no hardness in the head then. My people will have no name, no distinction. The streets will be nameless too. Nobody will deal with choices - either the death or the life and both will be simpler. No isolated sensation and there shall only be one way leading to every house ever made. Nobody will hide, nobody will hate. The sands will be clear and the past won’t come alive. The sky shall breathe light so the future.

The iron won’t have rust mar its beauty. The hearts won’t have horses raced down over them. The crops shall rise from one seed and locusts shall fly by with no notice. The wind shall come alive on occasions and it won’t hurt the flowers. The fires shall burn on their own in times of need and die the same. No man shall be smouldered in the fire of rage. There won’t be any bull fights, neither on the lands, nor in the heads. Lightening shall strike as colored fireworks ornamenting the night sky.
Silence will sing and only the celebrations will watch tumults - musical tumults.

Everybody shall have equal number of diamonds and the animals will be friends.  No difficult choices, no reasons to kill, no agonizing, no hatred.
I will write to you when I reach there. No faulty promises.
Riding day and night!!

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